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Solomon declares which woman truly is the mother

1 Kings 3:27-28

At once, Solomon declared his judgment. The true mother of the living child had suffered much already; it would not be right to allow her pain to continue. His servants could put away the sword; such cruelty was neither right or necessary. Solomon had identified the true mother – she must have her baby.

It had seemed difficult or impossible to know which woman really was the mother. However, with the wisdom that God had given him (3:12), Solomon made this task seem simple. Of course the woman who loved the child was his mother. Her love for that baby became clear to everyone when she tried to save his life. She was willing to give up even her right to bring him up, so that she could rescue him from death.

Solomon would make many wise judgments during his life. However, this was the one that people particularly remembered. Before this incident, the people worried that their young king lacked the experience in life to be their chief judge. The news of this judgment changed their opinion of this matter. God, who chose Solomon to be their king, had also given Solomon the wisdom to be their chief judge. So the people were grateful to God that he had given such wisdom to Solomon. They saw that Solomon would not neglect the rule of law in their country. Rather, their king would use the law for its proper purpose. He would punish guilty people and he would rescue innocent people from them. The whole nation would benefit from the king’s wise and right judgments.

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