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Solomon shows great honour to his mother

1 Kings 2:19-20

God’s command in Exodus 20:12 is: ‘Give honour to your father and mother.’ Solomon knew that he must show great honour to his mother, Bathsheba. He was the king – but he still did everything possible to show how much he respected her.

So, as Bathsheba entered the room, Solomon stood up at once. He bent his body down in front of her. He then ordered his servants to bring a royal seat for her, as the king’s mother. He told them to place it on the right side of his own throne (royal seat), which was the place for the most important official in his government.

After all these actions to show how much Solomon respected her, he waited to hear her request. Bathsheba explained that it was only a small request. Perhaps that statement even disappointed Solomon. He had shown that he was ready to do truly great things for her. Solomon was eager to give her anything that she desired.

This was extraordinary for Bathsheba. By this time, she had lived as a queen in the royal palace for about 20 years. She was David’s favourite wife – but even as the queen, she still had to give honour to the king. So, it was her who bent her body low in front of King David (1:16). David too had been eager to please her, and he loved her much. Still, it was her duty to respect him as the king.

Now the new king, Solomon, saw that it was his duty to give honour to his mother. He taught other people to respect their mothers for their whole lives (Proverbs 23:22).

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