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Solomon’s wealth and his wisdom

1 Kings 10:21-25

As Solomon became older, his wealth and his wisdom increased even more.

In fact, there was so much gold and silver in Jerusalem that people no longer considered silver a precious metal. A rich person would often drink from a silver cup or eat from a silver plate – but in Solomon’s palace, all such articles were gold. That was how rich Solomon had become.

Solomon was sending out traders even to distant foreign countries. The trading boats in 1 Kings 10:22 may be different ones from those in the previous chapter (9:26-28). These boats went on such a long journey that it took them three years to return. When they did return, in addition to the usual precious objects, they brought monkeys from Africa. Nature interested Solomon greatly and he studied it carefully (4:33). It seems likely that he had his own private zoo.

The people in those distant countries heard about Solomon and his wisdom. Like the queen of Sheba, they too wanted to meet Solomon and to hear his wisdom (10:1-13). So, Solomon constantly received guests in Jerusalem from foreign nations. Solomon received them gladly and he was pleased to teach them from his great wisdom and knowledge (4:34). Each guest brought a suitable gift of some of the best and most beautiful objects that his country produced. So, Solomon was able to collect wonderful and precious objects from across the world.

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