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David goes to Samuel

1 Samuel 19:18

David had escaped from Saul, who was trying to murder him. Clearly, it would be unsafe for David to return home to Bethlehem; Saul could easily find him there. David would not want to go abroad; all the nations round Israel were enemies at that time (14:47).

David decided that he would go to visit Samuel. Samuel was now a very old man. He retired long ago from his work as Israelís judge (leader). However, he promised that he would always continue to pray for Israelís people and to teach them about God (12:23).

Several years had passed since Samuel had appointed David to be Israelís future king (16:1-13). During those years, Samuel would have heard frequent reports about Davidís progress. David had defeated Goliath; he had become a commander in the army and he had married the kingís daughter. It would have pleased Samuel greatly to hear that David had remained loyal to God.

Now, at last, David had come to visit Samuel. Samuel would feel great pleasure to see this young manís sincere attitudes and his love for God. Now Samuel would begin to understand why God had chosen David to rule Israel.

For David however, his visit to Samuel happened at one of the most terrible times during his life. David had served King Saul loyally, but now Saul was trying to kill him. David was probably very worried.

Samuel could see that David needed to rest and to pray. So, Samuel took David to a place near Ramah called Naioth. The name Naioth seems to mean a beautiful place where one can rest, as at home. There Samuel and David stayed while they prayed together.

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