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David and Jonathan separate

1 Samuel 20:40-41

Jonathan had promised to find out whether David was in danger, and if so, to warn him. During the last two days, Jonathan carefully carried out that task, although he risked his own life to do it.

Now Jonathan had warned David. So, Jonathan had carried out all that he had to do because of his promise. However, because of his sincere love for David, there was something else that Jonathan chose to do.

Jonathan handed his bow and arrows to the boy who was working for him. He ordered the boy to take them back to the town. Then Jonathan was alone in the open country. He watched as the boy went back. He waited until the boy was completely out of sight.

David too was watching and waiting. He was hiding behind the stone while Jonathan was shooting his arrows. Now that Jonathan was alone, it was at last time for David to come out.

Jonathan and David had been waiting for the opportunity to greet each other. Ever since the day when David killed Goliath, Jonathan and David had been true friends. They were the most important men in Israel who were loyal to God; they needed to support each other. David had learnt many things from Jonathan during the period of their friendship.

Now circumstances had changed, and it was absolutely essential for the two men to separate from each other. So, they separated with an expression of love and friendship. First David showed great honour to Jonathan. Then they greeted each other as friends. Their tears show how deeply they cared about each other.

Next part: Jonathan reminds David about their covenant (1 Samuel 20:42)


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