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David offers to fight Goliath

1 Samuel 17:31-32

Israelís soldiers were very afraid of Goliath, but one young man in their camp was not afraid. That young man was urging them all to trust God. A report of his words reached King Saul, so Saul asked to meet him. Perhaps it did not surprise Saul to discover that the young man was David, Saulís young musician (16:23). Saul did not yet know David very well (17:55). However, Saul chose David because David had a close relationship with God (16:18). Saul had ruined his own relationship with God, so Saul liked to have David with him (16:21). However, Davidís duties for Saul were not yet continuous (18:2).

David had often provided help and comfort for Saul in the past, by means of his music (16:23). Now David offered to give help and comfort of a different kind.

None of Israelís soldiers had dared to fight against Goliath. They could all see that he was much stronger than them. Their fear made it impossible for them even to begin the battle against Philistiaís army. So, Saul very much needed someone to fight against Goliath and to kill him.

David, on the other hand, was not afraid. He was younger than the other soldiers; he may have been perhaps 15 or 18 years old. He still looked like a boy (17:42), although he was strong (17:34-36). However, it was not his young age or any lack of experience that made him bold. David was bold because he was trusting God. He would not depend on his own strength for the fight. God had sent David to defeat Israelís enemy, so God would rescue both David and Israel (17:37; 17:47).

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