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Davidís second appeal to Saul

1 Samuel 26:18-20

At Davidís first appeal to Saul, David had approached Saul (24:8). At this second and last appeal, David stood at a great distance from Saul (26:13). David shouted his message to Saul; all Saulís soldiers could hear Davidís words and Saulís reply.

That first appeal was very personal in its nature. David spoke about his relationship with Saul as his master and king; David insisted that he had always been loyal to Saul (24:9-15).

This second appeal is much more about Davidís relationship with his nation and with God. Israel was the only nation where the people served the real God; all the other nations had false gods. God had established a relationship with Israelís people; in other words, he had made promises to them.

Davidís enemies were forcing David to leave Israel. Such an action would separate David from Godís promises to Israel. He could not live on the land that God had promised to his family. He would be unable to visit Godís house (the tent called the tabernacle). It would be hard for him to serve God properly in a country whose inhabitants served false gods.

Davidís life did not matter to Saul, but Saul had brought an army to oppose him. Perhaps God had sent Saul, David said. Then God would accept Davidís humble prayer, because God is kind. However, David realised that, in fact, cruel and wicked men had urged Saul to oppose him. Nothing but Davidís death would satisfy such men. They were not even content for him to die in Israel; they wanted him to die as a foreigner in a place where all the people served false gods.

Those men were guilty of a terrible crime. David prayed that God would act against them.

Next part: Saul urges David to return to him (1 Samuel 26:21)


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