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God does not always refuse a wrong request

1 Samuel 12:6-8

Sometimes people urge God to give them something, although God does not approve of it. They have convinced themselves that they need that thing. Perhaps they even refuse to serve God unless he gives them it.

That is a foolish and wicked attitude. God knows what is right and good for us. He cares about his people. He gives them what they genuinely need (Matthew 7:7-11).

However, God does not always refuse a wrong request. Sometimes he allows people to have something although he does not approve of it. That was what happened in ancient Israel. God allowed the people there to have a king; he even arranged for Samuel to appoint King Saul. However, God still did not approve. Although he allowed the peopleís request, he had not changed his mind about this matter (James 1:17). He still considered their request to be wrong.

Samuel explained this to the people in a very plain manner. Israel was not like the other nations. About 400 years before, their families had been slaves in Egypt. It was God who rescued them from that situation. God appointed Moses and Aaron to bring them to their own country. Moses was their leader, and Aaron was their priest.

Although God had rescued Israelís people from Egypt, they still were not loyal to him. Samuel continued in 1 Samuel 12:9-11 with the history in the Book of Judges. God did not just save Israel once; he had saved them many times.

Then, in 1 Samuel 12:12, Samuel would accuse them. Although God was so kind, the people would not accept his rule. That was the real reason why they wanted a king.

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