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Godís instructions to Saul

1 Samuel 10:7-8

Samuel had given Saul three signs, in other words, pieces of evidence to show that God was working in his life. Saul would see how, during that same day, God would bring about the three events in 1 Samuel 10:2-6. They were the evidence that God was with Saul.

It was not Godís desire that Saul should rule Israel in his own strength. Saulís successes should not be the result of his own effort. Instead, at all times, Saul should depend on God. The king of Israel had to be the servant of God, because God was Israelís real king.

Samuel told Saul to Ďdo whatever your hand finds to doí. In other words, Ďdo whatever you have the opportunity to doí. Unlike Samuel, Saul would not hear Godís voice, but still, God would be guiding him. God would show Saul what he needed to do. Then Saul would act in a powerful manner and God would give him success (see 1 Samuel 11:1-11).

Then Samuel explained to Saul that God would test him (Saul) at Gilgal. This refers to the incident in 1 Samuel 13:4-14. It probably happened several months later. Philistiaís army would prepare to attack Saul and Israelís army. Saul would remain at Gilgal for 7 days. During those 7 days, most of Israelís soldiers would be too afraid to stay with Saul. The test was whether Saul would continue to trust God during those 7 days. Saul would have to wait until the end of that period. Then Samuel would come to offer sacrifices (gifts to God) and to tell Saul what he should do.

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