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God saves his people from their enemies

1 Samuel 2:4

In ancient battles, the bows were among the most powerful tools for war. The strongest soldiers carried the bows; the sight of them made people very afraid.

Bows were especially frightening because soldiers with them could stand away from any danger. Those soldiers could kill people who were completely unable to attack them.† A soldier who attacks with a sword is in great personal danger; a soldier who uses a bow and arrows is much safer.

However, Hannah describes a battle where God is acting to save his people. So the opposite is true. The strong soldiers with bows usually frighten people. However, in this battle, the soldiers with bows have themselves become very afraid.

The people who stumble (fall) would usually be in the greatest danger during a battle. They are too weak to attack the enemy. In fact, they are too weak even to run away. However, in this battle, these weak people have become strong.

That is because God is acting to save his people. So, the weakest people, because they are Godís people, have become strong. The strongest people, because they are fighting against God, have become weak.

Because God is on the side of his people, nobody can successfully oppose them. Godís people may be weak; the proud words of their enemies may make them afraid. However, nothing can separate Godís people from the love of God. In the end, their success is certain. Read Romans 8:31-39.

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