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God tells David to attack the robbers

1 Samuel 30:7-8

David had felt tired and weak, and he was in a desperate situation. Even the 600 men who had remained loyal to him through all his troubles wanted to kill him.

Then David found strength in God (30:6). Of course, Davidís troubles had not yet disappeared. His situation was still very difficult. However, David had found the strength to deal with his problems. That strength had not come from David himself; it came from God. Now David would trust God, and God would show him how to deal with his troubles. Or perhaps we should say that God would deal with Davidís troubles; David only had to obey God.

So Davidís next action was to ask God what he should do. Israelís chief priest was Abiathar who, like David, had escaped from Saul (22:20-23). Abiathar took with him the objects that the chief priest used to inquire of God (23:6). Abiathar had remained with David, even when David went into Philistia.

When David inquired of God on this occasion, Godís answer was very clear. David should lead his men against the robbers who had attacked his town, Ziklag. God would give success to Davidís men. They would be able to rescue the people whom the robbers had taken from Ziklag.

That message from God gave hope and confidence to Davidís men. David trusted God; the result was that they too were ready to trust God. None of them wanted to oppose David now. Instead, they all accepted him as their leader again. David told them to go south, to the stream called Besor. That stream was about 10 miles (15 kilometres) south of Ziklag.

Next part: 200 of Davidís men stop at Besor (1 Samuel 30:9-10)


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