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How the evil deeds of Eliís family would end

1 Samuel 2:36

This last verse of Godís message to Eli may remind us of some verses from Hannahís prayer. God makes proud people humble (2:7). God makes greedy people hungry, so that they must work for their food (2:5).

It is very sad when people make themselves into Godís enemies. It is even worse when, as here, those people were the servants and the priests of God. However, when God makes his people humble, it gives them the opportunity to return to him. They see how their wrong attitudes, their wrong desires and their wrong behaviour could not satisfy them. They should realise how much they depend on God. They should trust him completely.

So, although Eliís family would suffer greatly, that family would not disappear completely. Israelís chief priest would not still come from their family, but they would still be able to work as priests.

Someone else, who was loyal to God, would be the chief priest. He would arrange the work of the priests who were less important, including the members of Eliís family. They would go to him for silver (in other words, money) and for bread (in other words, food).

That chief priest would allow them to work as priests in Godís house. Then, they would receive a regular share of food from the gifts that Godís people brought. They would not still take more meat than Godís law gave to them (see 1 Samuel 2:12-17). They would be humble enough to be grateful to God for what he had provided.

So, the evil deeds of Eliís family would end.

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