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Jonathanís last meeting with David

1 Samuel 23:16-17

Jonathan found David at his (Davidís) secret camp in Horesh. It was the last time that the two men would meet.

Of course, Jonathan could not allow anyone to know that he had gone there. Almost certainly he went alone. Perhaps he went by night. David was in great danger; Jonathanís decision to visit him put Jonathan in great danger too. However, we know that Jonathan was a very brave man (see 1 Samuel 14:6-14).

The purpose of Jonathanís visit was to make David stronger in his relationship with God. Davidís troubles could easily cause him to lose his confidence in God. However, at such times, it becomes even more important to trust God completely. Jonathan went to encourage his friend to depend entirely on God.

Jonathan was completely unselfish. He had the right to be Israelís king after Saulís death. However, Jonathan gave that right to David. God had appointed David to be Israelís next king (16:13), and Jonathan approved completely. He only desired to be Davidís friend and adviser. Jonathan promised to be loyal to David and to support his rule.

It seems very sad to us that Jonathan was never able to do that. Jonathan died on the same day as his father; that was just a few days before David became king of Judah (southern Israel). However, Jonathan had completed the work that God had given him to do. He had taught David how to lead people with an attitude of love. He had supported David during his troubles and he had encouraged him to trust God.

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