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The most important lesson in life

1 Samuel 3:8-9

When God called Samuel for the third time, the boy still did not recognise him. He again went to Eli, the chief priest, to offer his help.

Eli could have been angry. The boy had woken him three times without any proper reason. However, on this occasion, Eli understood what was happening.

Eliís relationship with God often seems very weak, but still, Eli believed in God. Eli recognised that, on rare occasions, God might still speak to his people (3:1). Eli even realised that a boy like Samuel could be the proper person to hear Godís voice. Samuel had the right attitudes: he was willing, sincere and humble. (A Ďhumbleí person is willing to learn the lessons that God teaches and to obey his instructions.) Samuel had served Eli well; he would be a good servant of God.

So, it was Eli who taught the boy Samuel the most important lesson of his life. Eli taught Samuel how he should serve God.

Eli explained to Samuel that God still does call people to serve him. So, people must not be too afraid to listen to God; and they must not be too proud to obey him. Their relationship with him is like a servantís relationship with his master. They must listen to Godís words in a humble manner; they must speak to him in a manner that respects him.

As Samuel returned to his place, something very important had happened in his life. He still had a duty to serve Eli; but Samuel had the much more important duty to serve God. Even Eli had recognised that the boyís true master was God.

So now Samuel was ready to hear Godís word to him.

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