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Samuel becomes a prophet

1 Samuel 3:19-21

The news that God was speaking by means of Samuel spread through all the country called Israel. It did not just happen on one occasion. As Samuel grew from a boy into a young man, he received messages from God often.

Those messages would have brought help and comfort to Godís people, especially during the severe troubles that would soon happen. Because God was still speaking to the people in Israel, clearly he still cared about them. Even when there seemed to be no hope for Israel, God had not forgotten his promises to them.

Many of Godís messages by Samuel, like his message to Eli (3:11-14), would have warned the people. Most of the people were not loyal to God; instead, they served false gods (7:3). God would not allow this situation to continue. The people in Israel must serve only the real God. His judgement against people who were not loyal to him was certain.

Samuel continued to work at Shiloh. There, at or near the sacred tent that was Godís house, God spoke to him. Samuel declared publicly the messages that God gave him.

Dan and Beersheba were towns at the northern and southern borders of Israel. Godís messages by Samuel reached even these border towns. Everywhere in Israel, people recognised that Samuel was a prophet from God. A Ďprophetí means someone who speaks Godís words.

There had been few national prophets in Israel. We read about Moses (Deuteronomy 34:10-12) and the prophetess (female prophet) Deborah (Judges 4:4). But now Israel had a new prophet, Samuel, and God was speaking by means of him.

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