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Samuelís first conversation with Saul

1 Samuel 9:18-21

At the entrance to the town, Saul approached an old man to ask for directions to Samuelís house. Saul did not realise that he was speaking to Samuel himself.

Samuel, on the other hand, knew whom he was speaking to. This man, Saul, would soon be the king of Israel. God had chosen Saul to rule Israel. So Samuel was careful to give Saul the honour that the king deserved.

Samuel told Saul to go with him to the hill above the town. There, Samuel would offer a sacrifice (an animal) as a gift to God. Afterwards, there would be a special meal, and Saul would be the principal guest. Samuel† had many things to explain to Saul before Saul left on the next day.

Their conversation showed clearly that God really had spoken to Samuel about this matter. Firstly, Samuel explained that someone else had found Saulís missing animals. He could only know about the animals by the power of God; Saul had not yet mentioned them. However, those animals were an unimportant matter. The real reason why God brought Saul to Samuel was to make Saul king. Everyone in Israel desired a king. They all were ready to support Saul and to give honour to his family.

Saul protested about this statement. Because of the war in Judges chapter 20, Benjamin was Israelís smallest tribe (group of families). Saul did not even consider his own family to be important in Benjaminís tribe. However, even Saulís protest proved that God had spoken to Samuel. God had clearly told Samuel that the king would be from the tribe of Benjamin (9:16).

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