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Saul accuses the chief priest

1 Samuel 22:11-15

Saul ordered his officials to bring Ahimelech, the chief priest, from Nob, with all the priests who lived there.

Then Saul accused Ahimelech. He said that Ahimelech was plotting with David against him. The evidence was that Ahimelech gave David food and a sword. Also, Ahimelech had inquired of God on Davidís behalf.

Then Saul added the untrue statement that David was plotting to kill him. He said that David was waiting for his opportunity to attack Saul.

Ahimelech protested against that statement. He insisted that David was loyal to Saul; in fact, David was Saulís most loyal official. The evidence was in the honour and responsibility that Saul himself had given to David. It was Saul who allowed David to marry his (Saulís) daughter, Michal. It was Saul who appointed David to lead his guards.

So of course Ahimelech had inquired of God on Davidís behalf. He had not just done it on the one occasion when Doeg saw him. He did it frequently. David was a holy man; it mattered very much to David what God wanted him to do. Saul had given David important responsibilities in Israel; of course David asked the chief priest to inquire of God on his behalf. Ahimelech was glad to inquire of God on behalf of such a loyal official of the king.

Clearly now, Saul was angry with David. Even if Saul had a proper reason for that, he had no reason to be angry with Ahimelech. Ahimelech knew nothing about Saulís anger against David. He certainly knew nothing about any plot against Saul. That was how Ahimelech replied to Saul.

Next part: Saul orders the death of the chief priest (1 Samuel 22:16)


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