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Saul blesses David

1 Samuel 26:25

These were Saulís last words to David; they would never meet again.

Saul used his authority as Israelís king to bless David. That is, Saul declared Godís kindness to David. Saul did not declare these things merely from his own mind. It is not possible to say such things except by the power of Godís Holy Spirit (compare 1 Corinthians 12:3). Saul had spoken by the power of the Holy Spirit on previous occasions (10:10; 19:23-24). Probably, this was the last time that Saul spoke a message from God.

For the third time, Saul called David Ďmy soní (24:16; 26:17). On the previous occasions, Saul used that phrase as an expression of love. Now, however, it seems to have a further meaning: David would take Saulís place as Israelís next king.

Before their deaths, some of the greatest men in the Bible blessed their sons (for example, Genesis 27:27-29; Genesis chapter 49). By this act, they showed that authority was passing to their sons. They also spoke messages from God on these occasions. In such a manner, Saul blessed David. Saul declared that David would achieve great things. He also said that David would be successful.

Saul made this declaration in public; his army of 3000 soldiers heard these words. Perhaps that would help them to accept David as their king. Saul had ruled Israel for about 40 years (Acts 13:21); just 16 months later, he would die and David would become the king of Judah (southern Israel). However, in the meantime, David did not remain in Israel, he went into Philistia.

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