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Saul in his own town

1 Samuel 10:13-16

When Saul met the prophets (holy men). Godís Holy Spirit came upon him too. He began to prophesy (to speak words from God) like them.

Saul did not remain with the prophets and he did not continue to prophesy. However, he did not return home yet. Although he had walked more than 20 miles (30 kilometres) that day, he climbed up the hill above Gibeah. He went up to the altar, in other words, the place where people offered their gifts to God (10:13). The prophets had been coming down from that place when they met him (10:5).

There was only one reason why Saul would want to go there. He went to pray. Saul was not a holy man, but God had given him a very sacred task: to be Israelís king. Even Saul considered that he should pray about such an important task.

When Saul finally returned home, his uncle spoke to him. It was already clear to everyone at Ramah that something important had happened to Saul (10:11). They were all discussing what could have happened to him.

Saul told his uncle that he went to see Samuel about his fatherís missing animals. Saul even said that Samuel had received a message from God for him - but only about the animals.

We do not know whether this answer satisfied Saulís uncle or not. However, Saul would say nothing more. Samuel had appointed Saul to be Israelís king in secret (1 Samuel 9:27 to 10:1). Saul kept the matter secret until God showed it to the whole nation in 1 Samuel 10:17-24.

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