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Saul stays with Samuel

1 Samuel 9:25-27

After the meal, Saul remained with Samuel. They returned together to Samuelís house. There, Samuel continued to talk with Saul. We do not know the subject. However, it seems clear that Samuel was preparing Saul for his future work.

The houses in Israel had flat roofs. People often went onto the roof to talk, especially in the evening after they had finished their work. The roof of a house also provided a cool and pleasant place to sleep.

That night, Saul and his servant were Samuelís guests. When morning came, however, Samuel did not delay Saul further. There were important things that needed to happen that day. The events of that day would establish the relationship that Saul, as Israelís king, needed to have with God.

We are sure that Samuel would have preferred to spend much more time with Saul. Saul needed to learn how he must act as Israelís leader and king. Samuel had led Israel for many years and he had a close relationship with God. There were very many important lessons that Samuel could teach Saul, both from his knowledge and from his experiences.

However, Saulís relationship with God was more important than any lesson that Samuel could teach him. Only God could establish such a relationship with Saul. Unlike Samuel, Saul was not a holy man who heard the word of God. However, Saul still needed to know for himself that God had appointed him. So now God himself would work in Saulís life in an extraordinary way.

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