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Saul tries to kill David again

1 Samuel 19:9-11

Probably, Saul kept a spear with him at all times. It was important for the king to be able to protect himself. A spear was a long pole with a sharp metal head.

Saul had tried to kill David with that spear on a previous occasion (18:10-11). Now, however, Saul had made a promise not to kill David (19:6). David believed that he was safe.

David was playing sacred music on his harp in order to comfort Saul. An evil spirit often disturbed Saul but David was usually able to bring him relief (16:23). The harp is a musical instrument with strings, which makes a soft sound

Then suddenly Saul tried to kill David with his spear. David moved quickly to avoid it, and then he went back to his house.

David did not yet realise how dangerous the situation was. It did not surprise him if the evil spirit caused Saul sometimes to act in a sudden, angry manner. David expected that Saul would soon become calm again. David certainly did not expect Saul to send men to kill him at his home.

It was Michal, Davidís wife, who saw the danger. Perhaps, as Saulís youngest daughter, Michal understood Saulís character better than anyone else. Or perhaps she just saw the men who were watching Davidís house that night.

Michal insisted that David must escape that night. Otherwise, Saulís men would catch David and kill him in the morning.

Saul had now made a definite decision that he would kill David. This was not, as on previous occasions, a sudden reaction to angry or jealous feelings. It was not even the desire that Saulís enemies would kill David. Now, Saul had decided on purpose to murder David.

Next part: Michal saves Davidís life (1 Samuel 19:12-14)


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