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The song about Davidís success

1 Samuel 18:6-9

After a successful battle, people wanted of course to express their joy. That happened after the battle when David killed Goliath. Saul led his soldiers in a procession; Israelís women sang and danced.

The women made up a happy song for that occasion. The song first praised Saul, their king. He had rescued them from their enemies. Those enemies had seemed so strong; there were many thousands of them. Israelís defeat seemed certain until Saul began to lead their army. Then Saul, as a great hero, fought against those enemies. He defeated them and he freed Israel. That was what the first part of the womenís song meant. Of course, that part of the song would please Saul.

It was the second part of the song which upset Saul. Its purpose was to praise David as the hero of the fight against Goliath. However, that was not what the song said. It declared that Davidís success was ten times greater than all Saulís successes. That was how wonderful the women felt Davidís success to be.

Of course, the women did not understand what their words really meant. However, Saul understood immediately. Samuel had told Saul that God had already chosen a better man to be Israelís king (15:28). David had a close relationship with God (16:13) and God had given him success against Goliath.

Saul could see that David would be Israelís next king. Saulís son Jonathan approved of that and he wanted it to happen (23:17). However, Saul did not approve; he was jealous and angry.

Next part: Saul tries to kill David (1 Samuel 18:10-11)


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