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Why David urged his men to be generous

1 Samuel 30:23

When some of Davidís men began to speak in a greedy and selfish manner, David dealt with the situation at once. They were trying to get for themselves a greater share of the wealth that they had taken in battle. However, David recognised quickly the problems that their love of money could cause (see 1 Timothy 6:10).

David urged his men to remember who had given that wealth to them. They must not proudly say that they had gained that wealth by their own power or strength (Deuteronomy 8:17). It is God who gives a person the power to get wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18). So, his people must be grateful to him, and they should use their possessions in a generous manner.

David reminded his men how much God had done for them. Before the battle, they were all weak, tired and worried. When soldiers fight in such circumstances, success is unlikely. Therefore, their success was clearly not the result of their efforts. They only won that battle because of Godís special kindness to them.

God did not just give them success, he also protected them in the battle. They were in great danger, but God looked after them. He helped them to rescue their wives and their children. Not one of them was missing (30:19).

Davidís men did not fight the battle for wealth, and they had not expected to gain anything from it. However, God had used that battle to provide wealth for them all.

God had been very generous to Davidís men. So clearly, it was right that they should now be generous to each other.

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