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Christians must learn to obey Christ

2 Corinthians 10:6

At the time of the Book of 1 Corinthians, the church at Corinth had many different problems. Paul patiently gave his advice in detail about each problem in turn. However, it seems to us that the church’s problems had one simple solution: its members needed to learn to obey Christ. In his letter, Paul was constantly urging them to do that. It would have dealt with so many of their troubles. As Paul explains in 2 Corinthians 2:9, that was the reason for his letter. They had to learn to obey Christ.

That was a hard lesson for the church at Corinth. They loved the freedom that God had given to them. However, they had not really understood that freedom*. They had heard about the wonderful things that God had prepared for them*. However, they did not want to wait for these things. Some of them did not even think that there is any life after death*. They believed that they could have these wonderful things now*.

It seemed strange to them that Paul, as a free man and a Christian, would give up his rights to serve other people*. However, Paul was urging them, too, not to think about their own interests, but about Christ*. By his death, Christ had bought them, so that they were free to serve God properly*. That kind of freedom might not impress other people, but it is real.

God really is working in the lives of Christians; Christ really is living in them*. God really will bring about what he has promised to them*. Most of the church members at Corinth genuinely wanted to serve God properly. They had already changed their attitudes and they began to obey Christ. However, some of them were refusing to obey Christ. Paul hoped that they would change their attitudes before his arrival at Corinth. If not, Paul was ready to deal strictly with them.

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