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The devil appears as an angel of light

2 Corinthians 11:14

Paulís statement that Satan (the devil) may appear as an angel of light is a shock to us. Perhaps we understand from such passages as Ezekiel 28:14-17 that Satan was once a leader of the angels (Godís special servants in heaven). However, that was long ago. He opposed God and he lost his place in heaven. Now he behaves like a fierce and terrible animal as he fights against God and his (Godís) people*.

An Ďangel of lightí means a splendid and wonderful angel; a holy servant of Christ from whom, alone, true light comes*. We would expect that we could trust such an angel completely Ė but we would be wrong*. We can place our trust in God alone; only he can save us*.

However, perhaps Paulís statement is not such a shock for us. We all know the devilís character. We know that he lies constantly*. He causes the whole world to believe what is false*.

We know him well, because once we all served him. He never did what was right for any of us. He never encouraged any of his people to trust God or to believe his word. Instead, he constantly tempted us to do those things that lead people away from God. He even lied to us that those things were better for us. He told us that those things were good, or right, or sensible, or more pleasant*. It was all a lie.

Now that we know God, we hate the devil and all his evil ways. Yet still the devil tempts us, and he still uses the same lies. We must be firm and we must stand for God. We must know Godís word and we must ask him for his help*. We can only remain strong in our relationship with God by Godís power*.

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* See complete article for these Bible references.

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