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The glory of God shines into the hearts of his people

2 Corinthians 4:6

When Moses spoke with God, Mosesí face shone with light because of the glory (splendid beauty) of God*.

There was only one occasion on earth when Christís face shone with the glory of God*. However, Christ, as Godís Son, has much greater glory than Moses, who was Godís servant*. At the present time, we do not see Christís glory with our eyes*. It is our hearts (our minds and spirits) that see his glory.

The effect of light is to give us knowledge. We do not know about things that we cannot see. Because of the light, we can know and understand things clearly.

So, if Godís glory shines in our hearts, it gives to us the knowledge of God. People who do not believe God cannot know him; it is as if their minds are blind*. The gospel is the message that God can forgive peopleís evil deeds because of Christís death. It is a clear message, so everyone should be able to see (to understand) its truth. However, the devil takes Godís word away from the hearts of many people*.

God created the light*. That passage refers to natural light. However, in 2 Corinthians 4:6, Paul may be referring to Godís declaration in Isaiah 9:2. There, a light would shine into the lives of people who were living in darkness. The darkness meant that people did not know God and his word*. So, God declared that he would send Christ into their lives*. Christ would change their lives in the most wonderful manner*. They would be like people who walked out of darkness into the most wonderful light*.

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