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God acted to comfort Paul

2 Corinthians 7:6-7

In Macedonia, Paul was in great difficulties. His enemies were arguing against him and they were attacking him. They had managed to upset Paul so much that he felt afraid (verse 5). If God had not helped Paul at that time, Paul might have been in despair. Perhaps he might even have given up his great work to declare Godís message.

However, in that desperate situation, God did not disappoint Paul. When Paul most needed Godís help, God acted to comfort him.

What actually happened was this. Paulís friend Titus managed to find Paul in Macedonia. Titus had just been to Corinth, and he brought good news about the Christians there. They were serving God loyally, and they had followed the advice in Paulís letter to them. Titus told Paul that the Christians in Corinth still cared deeply about him. They were eager to see him.

That news encouraged Paul greatly. It gave him great comfort to know that his work in Corinth had not been in vain. He was so glad to know that the Christians there were now serving God properly. It gave him even greater joy to hear that they wanted to see him again. That was how God comforted Paul after all those troubles.

Paul is careful to say that God comforted him. He does not say merely that Titus, or the news from Corinth, comforted him. Rather, God used the arrival of Titus to comfort Paul. Also, God used the news from Corinth to comfort first Titus, and then Paul and his companions. Paul is careful to give God all the honour for what happened. Paul is so pleased about the things that both Titus and the Christians in Corinth did. However, Paul wants to praise God alone for his (Godís) goodness to him.

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