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Godís grace is sufficient

2 Corinthians 12:9

God made a wonderful promise to Paul; and God makes the same promise to all of his (Godís) people. They do not have to depend on their own resources, for example, their strength, skills, intelligence or money. They only need to depend on God, and upon his kindness (grace). All that they need comes from him.

Godís people need that promise, because their own resources may fail. Even the strongest person can quickly become weak. An intelligent person may not know what to do. A rich person may lose his money. A healthy person may become ill. However, Godís grace (kindness) never fails*. In every situation, his kindness satisfies us completely.

Let us remind ourselves about how God showed his kindness to us. He sent his Son, Jesus Christ, into the world. When we were still Godís enemies, Christ died for us*. Christ suffered that punishment so that God could forgive our sins (wrong and evil deeds).

Godís kindness to us did not end with Christís death. Each of us had wandered far away from God; but God worked in our lives to bring us back to him*. Godís grace (kindness) to Paul astonished him*; and his grace in our lives should astonish us, too*.

When we have received a right relationship with God, his grace (kindness) is constantly working in our lives*. His grace works both in us, and through us. It works in us, because Christ lives in us*. Therefore, his strength is in our lives, even when we ourselves are weak. Also, his grace works through us, to benefit other people. That happens when God uses us to bring other people into a right relationship with him.

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