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The Holy Spirit will raise Godís people from death

2 Corinthians 4:14

Even in situations where death seemed likely, Paul believed God*. In verse 13, he told us about the fact that he believed. In verse 14, he explains what he believed. In other words, he explains the particular belief that gave him strength in such difficult circumstances.

Paul considers that to be not just a belief, but clear knowledge. In other words, it was not just an idea; it was certain. God himself had given Paul that knowledge*. So of course Paul believed it; and because he believed it, he spoke it.

That belief, or rather, that knowledge, is that by his own death, Jesus defeated the power of death*. The same Spirit that rose Jesus from death now lives in Godís people*. Therefore, even as Jesus rose from death, so all Godís people will rise from death*.

Therefore, death could not defeat Paul, and it cannot defeat any of Godís people. Jesus lives in them, so they with Jesus will overcome death, to live with him always*.

If death could defeat Paul, then Paul would be afraid of death. Even if he himself felt no fear, he would be afraid to see the defeat of Godís plan for his life. However, death had no power to overcome Paul. Death was only able to separate his body from his spirit. At that moment, the Holy Spirit would bring Paulís spirit into heaven, where he would at last be with Jesus*. Then Paul would know the end of all his weakness, and life that never ends*.

That is Godís promise not just to Paul, but to all Godís people. God gives them life that never ends*; death can never defeat them*.

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* See complete article for these Bible references.

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