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How Godís people are different

2 Corinthians 6:15

Paul is explaining how completely different Godís people are from other people. The difference, of course, is not in their bodies, but in their spirits. God is actually living in the spirits of his people*. Therefore, they must not do anything that makes their relationship with God weaker.

To prove that, Paul asks a series of 5 questions in 2 Corinthians 6:14-16. All the questions show the same thing. Of course we cannot carry out right and wrong behaviour together. Anything wrong spoils what is right*. Light is a word-picture for the knowledge of God. Of course light and darkness cannot exist together. Light overcomes the darkness*.

Beliar probably means Ďthe one who has no worthí. It seems to be a title for the devil. Of course Christ can never make an agreement with the devil *. They are enemies. The devil is constantly trying to spoil Christís work; but Christ will completely overcome the devil*.

The first Christians often called themselves simply Ďbelieversí. They believed God, and God had saved them*. People who refused to believe God could not share their reward, their future, or Godís wonderful promises to them.

Paulís final question is perhaps the most powerful. Godís house, called the temple, is the place that he has made holy*. In other words, it belongs to him completely; he lives there. Only the most evil person would put the image of a false god in such a holy place*.

God lives in the spirits of his people. Therefore they themselves are temples of the living God. So, clearly they must not allow anything that is not good or true into their spirits. Their relationship with God matters more to them than any relationship in this world.

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* See complete article for these Bible references.

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