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Letters to recommend a church leader

2 Corinthians 3:1

When we read Paulís letters or the account of his life, he seems very impressive. However, a few passages show that many Christians did not consider Paul a great man.

It seems that Paulís appearance did not impress people*. People were aware of his weakness*. It does not surprise us that Paul felt weak often. He worked extremely hard, and he suffered much*.

People also complained about Paulís speeches*. He gave some very long speeches*. He tried to make them very simple*, and that does not impress most people*.

Paul and his companions wrote letters to recommend church leaders to different churches*. That was a sensible arrangement. It helped the Christians to know whether they could trust that person to teach them.

Some teachers in the first churches had found a different use for such letters*. These people were trying to impress Christians and by that means, to gain power and wealth for themselves*. They managed to convince many Christians that they (the teachers) were truly great people*. However, often these teachers taught things that were wrong, or even evil*.

Paul brought no letter to recommend him when he first came to Corinth*. However, God had sent him, and Paul came in the power of the Holy Spirit. God was at work in Corinth, and many people became Christians.

Godís work is clearly more important than whether there is a letter to recommend a teacher.

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* See complete article for these Bible references.

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