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Now is Godís time to save you

2 Corinthians 6:2

In every period of 50 years, there was one very special year in ancient Israel. It was called the year of Jubilee. In that year, there was a declaration of freedom for all the countryís inhabitants. They would return to their family homes, and their familyís land would belong to them again*. That was a year of Godís kindness, a special time when he showed his goodness.

God spoke about another time when he would show special kindness to people in Isaiah 49:8 and Isaiah 61:1-2. Then, too, there would be freedom for the people. God would deal with the things that were wrong in their lives. It is very interesting that Jesus used the second of these passages to describe his own work for God, in Luke 4:17-21.

Here, Paul refers to the other passage, Isaiah 49:8. There, God declares that, at that special time, God will answer the prayers of his servant; he will help his people. The Ďservantí in Isaiah can mean either Christ, or Israel. The subject of Isaiah 49:8-26 is how God will bring back Israelís people to their own land. However, Paul uses Isaiah 49:8 to show how God is bringing people from every nation into a right relationship with him. God has chosen a particular, special time to do these things.

So, God has chosen a special time to give freedom to the people. Like a day, that time has a definite beginning and end. It can last for longer than people consider a day to be*; but it cannot last always. During this period of time only, God offers to save people. That is, to rescue them from their real enemies: their sin (wrong and evil thoughts, words and deeds), the devil and hell.

As in Hebrews 4:7, Paul declares that now is that special time. Today is the day when God offers to rescue you. Today, God is willing to forgive your sins because of Christís death. Today, God urges you to turn from your sins and to accept a right relationship with Christ*. Today, you should let Godís grace (kindness) achieve its proper purpose in your life*.

If you delay, you may be too late. That is why you must let God work in your life now.

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* See complete article for these Bible references.

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