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Paulís love for the church at Corinth

2 Corinthians 11:11

Paul dealt with Corinthís Christians differently from how he dealt with the other churches. He would not accept any gift or payment from Corinthís Christians while he worked there. Perhaps for Paul that was not unusual. However, Paul said that he would not in the future accept any money from Corinthís Christians*. That was unusual. Even when Paul was in Corinth, he accepted personal gifts from the Christians in other churches*.

That difference seemed difficult to explain. Corinthís Christians considered it an important matter, and they tried to understand it. They wanted to serve God well, and they were eager to give for Godís work*. In fact, if possible, they wanted to serve God even better than the other churches did*. In their opinion, it seemed wrong that Paul did not allow them the opportunity to give to him*. So, they began to think that Paul loved the other churches more than them.

In fact, Paulís real reason was the opposite, as God knew. Paul loved the church in Corinth even more than he loved the other churches*. That is, God had caused him to care about the Christians there in a special way.

Perhaps we can see the reason for this special love from the history of Paulís life. In every place, Paul began his work among the Jews (people from Israel). After that, he would declare Godís message to the Gentiles (people who were not Jews) who already respected God*. However, most of the Gentiles belonged to false religions and many of them lived in a very evil manner. Paul cared very much about them*; but his work had little effect among them until he came to Corinth. There God saved many of them*, and he gave them new lives*. So of course Paul cared especially for them. He even compared himself to a father who looks after his babies*. Even now, a few years later, his responsibility for them had not ended*.

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* See complete article for these Bible references.

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