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Paul meant what he said

2 Corinthians 10:11

Much of Chapter 10 is about how people often try to create a false impression of themselves. They want other people to respect them, so they hide their inner weaknesses. They use words, and sometimes actions, that do not show their true character. By that means, people try to gain various advantages for themselves.

Several of the teachers who had recently joined the church at Corinth were behaving like that. They were trying to impress people, because they wanted to become important in the church. So, they spoke boldly about themselves, and about the things that they had done*. However, they tried to hide the fact that their true intentions were evil*.

Those teachers even dared to say that Paul was giving a false impression*. Paul was trying to frighten people by his bold letters, they said. In his letters, Paul had promised to deal firmly with the people who were doing evil things. However, these teachers argued that Paulís character was too weak to act in such a manner. They urged people, therefore, not to respect Paulís authority.

However, Paul did not even consider it right to give a false impression*. Paul meant what he said*. He spoke clear words that did not hide his true meaning*. He dealt with people in a sincere and honest manner*.

Paul was not perfect. He confessed his own weaknesses*. However, Paul did not depend on himself to deal with these matters. Christ was living in him*. Paul himself may be weak, but Christ is powerful*. In the strength that comes from Christ, Paul would deal with the problems in Corinthís church.

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* See complete article for these Bible references.

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