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Paul recommends the first of two responsible men

2 Corinthians 8:18-19

With Titus, Paul sent two other men to Corinth. He does not give their names, probably to keep them safe. However, he does describe them, in verses 18-19 and verse 22. He wants the church in Corinth to know that he recommends these men. These are honourable men whom the churches can trust.

It would not be wise for everyone to know the names of these men. The churches across several countries were collecting a large gift to help the poor Christians in Judea. It was the duty of these men to collect this gift and to look after it. Then they would take it, probably in the form of gold coins, on the long journey by land and sea to Jerusalem.

Clearly, it was essential for the men who carried out this task to be responsible men. This first man, in verses 18-19, was well-known in all the churches. The Christians knew him and they respected him. Perhaps he was an important church leader. Or, perhaps he was a successful businessman whose frequent journeys took him to many different places.

Everywhere, the Christians knew him and they respected him as a loyal Christian. That was why they chose him to carry out this task. They understood that, in this task, he would be carrying out the work of God.

Paul explains in verses 20-21 that he had to deal with this matter very carefully. So, he decided not to name these men in this public letter. It would be safer for Titus to introduce the men privately to the local church leaders in Corinth. Then, Corinth’s Christians would know to whom they should hand over their gift. It is likely, however, that the names of these two men appear in the list in Acts 20:4. That is a list of the men who, with Paul and Luke, later took the gift to Jerusalem.

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