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The prayers of Godís people are important

2 Corinthians 1:11

You might think that such a strong Christian as Paul would not need anyone else to pray for him. Paul, however, believed the opposite. Although Paul was praying constantly*, he frequently asked other Christians to pray for him*.

Like all the first Christians, Paul believed that God answers prayer. Jesus taught them that they should pray with faith (active belief and trust in God). When they trusted God, God would act powerfully on their behalf*.

Of course, God can act even if nobody prays. However, God chooses to use the prayers of his people. By his Holy Spirit, he shows them what they should pray for*. Then, they can pray with confidence for the things that God wants to happen*. So, when God answers their prayer, they have a reason to be grateful to God and to trust him more.

The first Christians considered it important to pray for each other*. Especially, they prayed if one of them had a special need for Godís help. When Peter was in prison, for example, the Christians gathered together to pray for him*.

Paul believed that God gives each Christian different ways to serve him*. His own special work for God was to teach Godís message and to start new churches. Paul prayed much; but he could not do everything on his own*. God had given to many other Christians the special opportunity to support Paulís work by prayer*. Paul recognised that the prayers of those people were important. He needed those prayers. He, and the people who would benefit from Paulís work, were grateful for those prayers.

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* See complete article for these Bible references.

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