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Sow your seed plentifully for a good harvest

2 Corinthians 9:6

A farmer who does not sow enough grain should not expect a good harvest. For a harvest that is plentiful, the farmer must first sow plenty of grain.

Paul uses that word-picture to teach Christians about their gifts. It is right to be generous; it is wrong to be greedy. God rewards the generous giver*.

We should think about the nature of that reward, and our attitudes towards it. God rewards his people even in this life - but the reward that he promises for the next life is much better*.

A farmer sows seed because he wants the harvest, and for no other reason. Christians should give as an act of love and to obey God - not for any personal reward. Jesus even taught people to be generous to those who could not repay them*. Then they would know that their reward is from God, and not from other people.

A rich farmer can afford to sow more grain so that he can get a bigger harvest. For Christians who give, however, their attitude matters more than the amount. Paul taught that a rich person should give more*. A poor person may give much less - but God does not consider the poor personís gift to be less valuable*.

In 2 Corinthians 9:10, Paul continued his word-picture about the harvest. He prayed there for those who would give. He prayed for God to increase their wealth, so that they could give generously. God could do that, even as he provides seed for the farmer to sow. Then, Paul asked God to increase the results of their generous act. That is like the harvest. The reward would be great - and not just for the givers. God would use their gifts to provide for poor people. So in the end God would receive the reward, as people gave thanks to him*.

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* See complete article for these Bible references.

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