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The work of Titus at Corinth

2 Corinthians 7:15-16

When Paul heard about the problems in Corinth, he first sent Timothy to them*. Paul intended that Timothyís visit should be brief*. Timothy taught them and he saw their initial reaction to Paulís letter; then he left. Timothy could only start to deal with their problems; he did not see the final result.

Next, Paul sent Titus to Corinth. It seems that Titus had not previously visited the church there. So Paul carefully explained to Titus about the church and his (Paulís) confidence that they would deal with their problems. It was a great responsibility for Titus to help them, especially as the church had very many members.

Perhaps Titus felt fear as he approached Corinth. He probably did not expect that the church membersí fear to meet him would be much greater. Paulís letter and Timothyís visit had brought about a complete change in their attitudes. Before, they had proudly claimed the right to do whatever they wanted. Now, however, they saw that they must learn to obey God in a humble manner. They understood that Titus had not merely come on behalf of Paul. Rather, God had sent Titus to Corinth, to teach them how they could serve him (God) properly. So they respected Titus greatly.

Titus had the opportunity to spend a much longer time in Corinth than Timothy had done. In fact, Titus stayed there for much longer than even Paul expected. That was probably the reason why Paul did not find Titus in Troas*. Titus remained in Corinth until he had dealt with all the problems. Then, at last, he returned to Paul with his report of everything that had happened in Corinth*.

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* See complete article for these Bible references.

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