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Why Paul did not travel to Corinth from Troas

2 Corinthians 2:12-13

Paul was explaining why he had not yet returned to Corinth. He suffered much at Ephesus in Asia*. When he left there, he wanted to go to Corinth on the way to Macedonia*. He had already sent Titus to Corinth in order to prepare for his arrival. He wanted Titus to deal with the problems in the church at Corinth before he (Paul) arrived there.

Paul went from Ephesus to Troas, also in Asia. He remained at Troas for a short time. He was hoping that Titus would meet him there with some good news about the church in Corinth.

Actually, Paul could have remained at Troas for much longer. He writes that God ‘opened a door’ for him there. That is a word-picture; it means that God gave him a wonderful opportunity to declare God’s message. Paul had used similar words to describe his success at Ephesus in 1 Corinthians 16:8-9.

Paul had decided not to return to Corinth while the troubles in the church there continued*. So, when Titus did not come to Troas, Paul decided to go to Macedonia instead.

Paul writes this to show that he cared very much about the troubles at Corinth. He did not return there because he considered it wiser not to go yet. However, he was constantly thinking about their church, and he was constantly praying for them*. God had given him a love for them in his spirit; so he could not remain at Troas. So instead, he continued with the plan that God had given to him. That was to go to Macedonia, then to Corinth in Achaia, then to Jerusalem, and finally to Rome*.

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* See complete article for these Bible references.

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