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The words that brought death, and the Spirit that brings life

2 Corinthians 3:7-10

Paul is referring to Exodus chapter 34. That was when Moses saw Godís glory (the beauty of Godís perfect character). For the second time, God gave Moses his 10 commands, which he wrote on stone.

As Moses returned to Israelís camp, his face was still shining because of Godís glory. The people were afraid to see it, so Moses later covered his face. However, whenever Moses went to speak to God, Moses uncovered his face.

God gave his law so that people can learn how to have a right relationship with him*. He was showing people that they must turn from evil deeds to serve him. However, when people do not turn from their evil deeds, the judgement of the law is against them. So, the commands of the law bring them death instead of life*. The proper punishment for evil deeds is death*.

Most of the people whom Moses led died in the desert because of their evil deeds*. We must not blame Godís law for that. It is holy, and it came with Godís glory. We must not blame the commands; they are holy, right and good*. It is peopleís own evil deeds that bring judgement against them.

God gave his law by Moses; he showed his love and truth through Jesus*. By Godís Spirit, he gives his people life that never ends*. Even the words that brought death came with great glory. Clearly then, the Spirit that brings life comes with much greater glory.

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* See complete article for these Bible references.

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