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Absalom asks Hushai for his opinion about Ahithophel’s advice

2 Samuel 17:6-8

Ahithophel had advised Absalom to send 12,000 men to attack David’s camp that night. Their task was to kill David.

Absalom and all his other advisers approved of that plan. However, one of David’s advisers, his friend Hushai, remained in Jerusalem. Absalom wanted to ask his opinion about the plan. Absalom considered it to be a very good plan; he expected Hushai to agree with it. He certainly did not expect Hushai to offer any sensible argument against it.

Hushai realised at once, of course, that he had an opportunity by his advice to save David’s life. He did not want to speak any lies or to give bad advice. So, he decided to advise Absalom in a right and proper manner; he trusted God to show him the weaknesses in Ahithophel’s plan.

Ahithophel’s advice was not good because he failed to discuss those weaknesses. Hushai showed Absalom how severe those weaknesses were. The men now with David were not merely ordinary soldiers. They were leaders of the army, men who were famous for their strength and their brave attitudes (23:8-39).

Ahithophel was right to say that only David’s life mattered to them. However, that was the most foolish part of his plan. These bold men who supported David did not even care about their own lives. When Absalom’s men attacked, they would fight back fiercely. Certainly, many of Absalom’s soldiers would die. As reports reached Absalom’s other soldiers, they would become very afraid. The normal reaction of soldiers in such a situation was to run away. If that happened, Absalom’s army would lose the battle.

Next part: Hushai says that David will find a secret place to hide (2 Samuel 17:9-10)


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