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Absalom persuades Joab to speak to David on his behalf

2 Samuel 14:32

Absalom accused Joab fiercely. Joab had shown a complete lack of honour towards him, Absalom said.

It was Joab who had brought Absalom back from Geshur, two years earlier. There, Absalom had received honour as a member of the royal family. Absalom was both the son of King David of Israel, and the grandson of King Talmai of Geshur (3:3).

However, here in Israel, King David would not even permit Absalom to see him. Even Joab had now refused twice to see him. He only came to express his anger after Absalom’s men had burnt his field of grain.

Absalom had waited for two years to see David, and he would wait no longer. If David considered him guilty of any crime, then David should punish him. If David considered him a murderer, then David should order his death. Absalom believed that he had a right to appeal to David; and he insisted that Joab should arrange it.

Absalom knew David’s weakness. David had failed to punish Joab for murder (3:27-39). He also failed to punish his oldest son Amnon, after Amnon forced Tamar to have sex (13:1-22). That incident was the reason why Absalom killed Amnon. Absalom did not believe that he (Absalom) deserved any punishment for that. However, even if he did, David was much too weak to punish him.

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