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Absalom prepares to declare himself king

2 Samuel 15:9-10

David allowed Absalom to go to Hebron for his (Absalom’s) ceremony. David’s last words to him were kind and friendly. David expressed the hope that all would be well with him. So, Absalom left Jerusalem with the king’s authority and under his protection.

We cannot say, however, that David definitely believed Absalom. On this occasion, he expressed no doubts, as he had done about Absalom’s decision to invite Amnon to his party (13:26). However, David was ready to receive bad news about Absalom’s ceremony when it came. He believed the first report about what Absalom was doing. He decided at once that Absalom had decided to kill many people in Jerusalem (15:13-14). Clearly, by then, David realised that he could not trust Absalom.

Absalom had already made his plans. When the people gathered for his special ceremony in Hebron, Absalom would start a revolution. He would declare himself to be king, and that David’s rule had ended. Trumpets, the loudest musical instruments would sound across the country. When each man with a trumpet heard the noise, he too would sound the trumpet. In that way, news could travel very quickly. People would ask what all the noise meant. Then the people whom Absalom had sent secretly would tell their news. The news was that Absalom had become king over Israel.

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