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About Absalom

2 Samuel 14:24-27

For the next two years, Absalom lived in a private house in Jerusalem. During that time, he did not see his father, King David. It was only later that he made special efforts to gain public attention (15:1-6).

However, even during those two years when Absalom did not carry out such public activities, everyone in Israel talked about him. They expected him to be Israel’s next king, and he was popular.

Absalom had natural advantages; he was truly handsome. People would talk about how his body was perfect in every way. They considered his long hair especially impressive. It reminded them of Samson’s great strength (Judges 16:15-17).

Samson grew his hair long and he never cut it. This was because of his promise to God as one of the people called Nazirites (Numbers chapter 6). However, Absalom was not a Nazirite and he did cut his hair. He was proud of his appearance, and proud of the great weight of his hair.

Absalom had three sons. It seems from 2 Samuel 18:18 that they all died at a young age. However, his daughter, called Tamar, lived. Absalom named her in honour of his sister, who lived with his family (13:20).

Absalom was a rich and powerful young man, who probably owned much farm land. On it, his servants kept sheep (13:23) and they grew grain (14:30). His ambition was to become Israel’s king.

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