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Amnon uses his power to pretend that Tamar is guilty

2 Samuel 13:17-18

By his actions, Amnon showed that he blamed Tamar. He did not even respect her as a member of the royal family or as his own sister. Instead, he dealt with her in a manner that brought shame on her. He wanted other people to think that she had tried to tempt him.

So, he called the young servant who worked in his house. He told the servant to take Tamar out, by force. He would not even use Tamar’s name; he did not even refer to her as ‘my sister’. Instead, he called her ‘this woman’.

Tamar was wearing the beautiful dress that showed her to be the king’s daughter (verse 18). She deserved honour - especially from a servant in the royal palace. However, Amnon ordered his servant to deal shamefully with her.

Amnon even ordered his servant to lock the door. He wanted people to think that she was a bad woman. Amnon pretended that, because of her, he could not be safe, even in his own private house.

Tamar deserved none of this cruelty. In this whole matter, she was completely innocent. It was Amnon who had plotted against her. He lied to her; he made it impossible for her to escape. Now he was using his power and importance to pretend that she was guilty.

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