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Amnon’s wrong desire makes him ill

2 Samuel 13:2

Of course Amnon, like everyone else, saw that his sister Tamar was beautiful. He could have used those thoughts in a good way, for example to help her to find a good husband. However, instead he thought that he wanted her for himself. Then, he allowed those thoughts to fill his mind until he could think of nothing else.

Many people feel a wrong desire like that for sex with another person, who is not available to them. Amnon’s problem was that Tamar was his sister, the daughter of his father but not his mother (Leviticus 20:17). We have just read about David, whose desire was for another man’s wife (11:2-4). Often, a person desires someone who simply does not have the same desire. Such wrong desires can cause real pain in a person’s mind. Amnon actually became ill because of his desire for Tamar. He knew that he could not marry his sister.

There are various things that Amnon could have done in this situation. He should have prayed to God for help. He could have asked for advice from a wise or holy man, such as Nathan or his father David. He might have benefitted if he had gone to live somewhere else. He was living in the palace where Tamar also lived; he would see her every day.

However, instead, Amnon did a very foolish thing. He discussed the matter with a friend, Jonadab. Jonadab was a clever man, but not a good man.

Next part: Jonadab discovers Amnon's wrong desires (2 Samuel 13:3-4)


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