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Araunah’s gift to David

2 Samuel 24:22-23

When Araunah had heard the purpose of David’s visit, he did not hesitate to offer his help. Araunah considered it wonderful to be able to give for such an important and sacred purpose. David’s sacrifices (gifts to God) would mend Israel’s relationship with God; and God would stop the terrible illness that was killing so many people. Araunah had the opportunity to give some of the most valuable things that he owned for this purpose. Araunah realised that he would never again have the opportunity to give such a gift. He was a foreigner, and that made it an even more special thing to do for David, and for God.

So, at once, Araunah offered everything that David would need for the sacrifices. Araunah’s oxen were strong farm animals, like small cows. He used them to pull heavy wooden boards, called threshing-sledges, over the wheat. By that means, he separated the grain from the straw. The yokes were also wooden objects that held the oxen during the work.

David needed animals to offer as sacrifices, and Araunah’s oxen were available and suitable for the purpose. After the priests had killed the animals, they would burn them to offer them to God. Araunah would provide all the wood that they needed for the fire.

After Araunah had promised these gifts, he prayed for David. He asked God to accept David and his sacrifices. However, this was not just a request. It was also a blessing: Araunah was declaring what God would do. God would accept David’s sacrifices; God would mend his (God’s) relationship with Israel.

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