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David arranges for Ahimaaz and Jonathan to bring Hushai’s message

2 Samuel 15:35-37

David explained to Hushai that he (David) also had other friends still in Jerusalem. In particular, the chief priests, Zadok and Abiathar, were continuing to do their special work for God there. They too still recognised David to be Israel’s true king (15:24-29), even while Absalom had control over the country.

Ahimaaz and Jonathan, the sons of the chief priests, were also loyal to David. They were young, strong men and they had offered to run with any urgent message for David.

David thought that Ahimaaz and Jonathan had returned to Jerusalem with their fathers. However, in fact, they had made their own secret plan.

They expected to leave soon - perhaps that same day - with the message for David. By then, Absalom’s men would be watching carefully for anyone who left the city. So, Jonathan and Ahimaaz waited by the spring (water supply) at En Rogel (17:17). A maid from the chief priest’s home could take the message to them there when she came for water. En Rogel was about 300 yards (300 metres) south of Jerusalem.

It may be that Hushai might hear, in Jerusalem, some important information. Even if Absalom did not accept Hushai as an adviser, Hushai might still find out something useful for David to know. That information could save David’s life - so Hushai must report it to the priests, and they could send it with their sons to David.

So, Hushai went back into Jerusalem. Absalom arrived from Hebron, with his army, at the same time. Absalom was unaware that Hushai had tried to leave with David (16:17).

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