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David blesses the people

2 Samuel 6:18-19

In the Bible, the person who has authority, has a duty to bless the people under his authority. In other words, on God’s behalf, he speaks God’s words of kindness and goodness to them. This is part of that person’s responsibility to pray for the people under his authority. However, when he blesses them, that is not just a prayer. Rather, it is a declaration that God will show his kindness and goodness to his people. Then God acts by the power of his Holy Spirit to do that.

So, the head of a family blessed the members of that family (Genesis chapter 27). In Numbers 6:22-27, God told Israel’s priests the actual words that they should use to bless the people. In the same way, a church leader should bless the members of the church (for example Romans 1:7; 2 Peter 1:2).

David considered that his duty to bless the people was important. At the end of the ceremony to receive the ark (God’s sacred box) into Jerusalem, he blessed them. He was unwilling to send them away before he had blessed them.

In addition, David had prepared a special gift for every person there. They heard God’s goodness when he blessed them; now he wanted them to taste God’s goodness (compare Psalm 34:8). His gifts of bread and sweet dried fruit would be useful for the long journey home. Some would remain for them to share with their families.

When they reached home, David wanted the head of each family to bless his own family. In that way, the whole of Israel would hear and taste God’s goodness. That was also what David himself did next. He went home to bless his family (6:20).

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