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David decides that the ark must remain in Jerusalem

2 Samuel 15:25-26

David now used his authority as Israel’s king to make a judgment about the ark. The ark was Israel’s most sacred object, and evidence of the promises that God had made to Israel.

Until this time, the ark had moved, with God’s people, from one place to the next place (7:6). So, during the 40 years that Israel’s people remained in the desert, it had travelled with them (Numbers 10:33-36). The family of Kohath, who belonged to the family group called Levites, had the duty to carry it (Numbers 3:27-31).

Even in the country that God gave to Israel’s people, the ark had no permanent place. That was until God directed David to establish Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city.

David decided that the proper place for the ark was inside Jerusalem. Jerusalem was therefore the place that God had chosen in Deuteronomy 12:1-14. So the ark must not continue to move from one place to another place. It must remain in Jerusalem permanently. David even described Jerusalem as God’s home.

At this time, David was escaping from Jerusalem because of his son Absalom, who had made himself king. So, David prayed that he would be able to return to Jerusalem, God’s home, again. If God did permit that, then David would consider it to be a special act of God’s kindness. If not, then David would not blame God. He would accept whatever God decided about him.

However, whatever may happen to David, the ark must remain in Jerusalem. That was the place that God had chosen for it.

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